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A targeted approach for thetreatment of hypertension

At Mineralys Therapeutics we aim to redefine hypertension diagnosis, management and treatment.

Mineralys Therapeutics is a private, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to developing best-in-class, novel therapy for the treatment of hypertension. We are driven to bring a targeted approach to the management of hypertension.
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The ProblemHigh blood pressure costs the United States $131 billion each year.

Controlling hypertension is critical to reducing cardiovascular and renal disease; yet over 50% of hypertension patients fail to achieve control.

While the blood pressure goal continues to go down, there have been no innovative treatments for hypertension developed in over ten years. Rather, it has relied on "trial, fail and add". This approach leads to polypharmacy, adverse events and poor overall compliance and adherence.

Recent studies have demonstrated that elevated aldosterone production is prevalent in over 25% of all hypertensive patients and 50% of all resistant hypertensive patients.
Elevated aldosterone levels drive blood volume and blood pressure while also being toxic to the heart and kidney through inflammatory and fibrotic mechanisms.
Treating the underlying cause of hypertension in patients with elevated aldosterone production holds the promise of superior blood pressure control and improved long term outcomes.

The SolutionTargeting the underlying cause of hypertension

MLS-101 is a highly selective aldosterone synthase inhibitor designed to address elevated aldosterone, an underlying cause of hypertension prevalent in at least 25% of all hypertensive patients.
MLS-101 has demonstrated excellent selectivity for the reduction of aldosterone without effecting other hormones like cortisol. MLS-101 selectivity holds the potential for targeted treatment of blood pressure in hypertension patients with elevated aldosterone production.
MLS-101 has been studied in healthy volunteers in a phase I program that validated the aldosterone reducing effects of MLS-101 and demonstrated a safe and tolerable profile.